Mentoring:  Don't Be a Fish Out of Water

Do you ever feel like a fish out of water or remember what it was like?  Whether you are just coming home from Peace Corps or you've been back a while, the RPCV Mentoring Program is for you.  Tap into the experience of someone who knows what you are going through.  Help someone with the transition back to the U.S


NPCA's RPCV Mentoring Program is really taking off.  This online system allows PCVs just returning from service ("mentees") to be matched with those who have been back a while ("mentors") for assistance with readjustment, career options and engagement in Third Goal activities.  We have mentors and mentees already signed up that need to be matched!  This is a great way for new RPCVs to be introduced to the area and for local RPCVs to keep in touch with a country of service or connect to some place new via the newly returned PCV.  To learn more (and to register as a mentor or mentee), visit


Our local contact is David Scheinman


I can see what mentees are getting out of this program, but what do mentors get out of it?


A: For many mentors, this program is an opportunity to continue to serve and to connect with the RPCV community in a new way. Most mentors participating either had someone who helped ease their transition following Peace Corps, or wish that they’d had that kind of person, and are eager to serve in that role for a newly returned Volunteer.