GCCRPCV Photos from recent events (Photos are posted from the most recent to the oldest)

Whistlestop Photos:  RPCV's Volunteer
Ken working very hard.

2012 Holiday Party Faces  Party

Dec. 8, 2012 Holiday Party

September 2012 Reconnect

July 2012 Ryans going away party
Part 1     Part 2

2012 Annual International Dinner Fundraiser

Part 1   Part 2

2012 February Reconnect

2012 January Annual Meeting

December party: See all the photos here

August Reconnect photos

Photos from the June Reconnect

Advocacy Meeting photos from June 16, 2011

International Dinner for PC Partnership

Photos from the Archway Gallery Exhibit:
Part 1
Part 2

Photos from the 50th Anniversary Event in Houston held at the United Way - March 3rd

Click here for photo set 1
Click here for photo set 2

Photos from the February Reconnect
Photos from that Annual Meeting Januay 23, 2011

Photos from the December 2010 Holiday Party
Photos from the May 2010 Reconnect
Photos from the January Reconnect
Photos from October 30 Reconnect
Photos from the Fundraising Party
Photos from the Holiday Party
Photos from the Last Friday Reconnect January 2009
Photos from April 2009 Reconnect
Dinner Meeting with National Director