The Gulf Coast Council (GCC) is a group of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers in the Houston area.  GCC is a members-only organization, although every newly returned Peace Corps Volunteer is automatically given free membership for one year after their COS (closure of service).  Membership benefits are many:


  • You have a say in the running of the group.
  • You may serve on the Board or a Committee of your choice. See Board Job Descriptions here.
  • You may vote on where to send Peace Corps Partnership money.
  • You may vote on the continued support of  KIVA and other support projects.
  • You may represent our group at Regional and National Events.
  • You can help decide what activities our group joins.  Ex. iFest
  • Your fees help cover our fixed costs: mail box rental, website fees, bank fees, etc.

There are two kinds of membership:


Local Membership:  Costs just $15 a year.  This pays for one year's membership in the Gulf Coast Council RPCV group.  It does not include any of the benefits of national membership.  Click here to pay local fees.


National Membership in National Peace Corps Association (NPCA) and GCCRPCV: The joint membership costs $50 per year and includes membership in your local RPCV group (in this case, GCC).  Membership in NPCA allows you to receive the RPCV magazine, World View, for one year.  It also allows you to participate in various NPCA programs and to receive discounts for Peace Corps products.  Members will be able to access special areas of the National Peace Crops website and to modify contact information online.  This includes RPCV bulletin boards and RPCV directories and Hospitality networks (i.e. RPCV's willing to offer a place to stay to other traveling Peace Corps alumni.)